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Aug – Nov 2022

Elastic.io is a German tech company (integration platform as a service) that offers software to businesses looking to share data in real-time, across multiple systems based on low-code integrations.

Strategy: They needed to increase their brand identity appreciation across digital channels so we used SEO and SEM to have a better ranking on Google Search and promote the most popular services that they have based on competitor’s research.


– Blog articles by using keywords with an important search volume and low ranking in keyword difficulty
-Social Media Management
-Google Search, Display, and Performance ads


– Generated 66% of engagement rate growth in 3 months with a Google Performance ads campaign focused on brand awareness

Zaida Rosario
Marketing, UX/UI Design

I’m a Marketing Strategist and UI/UX designer with 4 years of combined experience that made me incredibly skilled in social media management, graphic and product design, brand development, and market research.

I’m based in Vancouver, Canada, and I currently, work as a self-employed. I’m also involved in the dance and fashion industry.

About Me

Latina living in Vancouver, Canada.

I show creativity to authenticity lovers who want to be relevant in an innovative market.

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