How to boost your website using SEO

You may think that SEO is just another tool to promote your business or is something fast and simple to implement but, it is more than that. Search Engine Optimization helps you to understand what your customers are searching for and use those words and phrases to be there for them.

Let’s use an example:

Imagine someone that is hungry and looking for something to eat with fast service close to the office so you can run on time for a meeting. Probably you will be looking for:

  • “restaurants with delivery”
  • “food delivery”
  • “food delivery services”

If you offer delivery service in your restaurant, you should add some of those keywords or similar. Then, your potential customers will find you according to their needs. That is the power of SEO.

What exactly is SEO?

Is the practice of increasing traffic to a website, expose your brand, and get organic search results to promote your product/service.

Now that we know what it is and how users can be looking for your business. Let’s learn how to start finding those customers.

5 steps to optimize your website using SEO

#1 Research of what keywords are using your competitors

Start searching for your competitor’s website and around their digital content to find what words they are using. Those are indicators of which are good keywords to drive better results.

#2 Specify your customers needs

Have a look inside your target audience or buyer persona and imagine which pains they can have and which words they would use to solve them. Then, make a list.

#3 List your keywords

Start by doing a Google search for one of the words or phrases on your list above. You can use keyword tools to see which will be or not relevant for adding to your content.

#4 Optimize your website

Now that you know what words to implement in your content, improve how you are getting your product or service out there and promote your business in an SEO-friendly way so, it will be findable around the web.

#5 Produce regular content

Remember that recent content is more relevant than others. Be constantly creating content so your website will always be updated. The best way is to add a blog with topics related to your market.

Soo…That’s it!

If you follow these steps and keep returning to them, you’ll be able to find the ideal customers for you.

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