Brand Development - Inventro

UI Designer and Marketer

Looking to the cafe bars in Vancouver, I have realized that their consumer popularity is multicultural but there are not many options if you want to find a good place to taste a different kind of food and have a fresh environment at any time.
That’s why the brand Inventro is created.

Design Goals

Inventro is a cafe bar where you can experience the Latin culture mixed with a tropical environment as in the Caribbean but with a classic style. Inventro is the combination of Invent (creation) and tropical. This is tropical creation!

Target Audience

Young professionals 25-35 years old interested in Latin culture who want to work and have fun in the same place.


Latin American culture is a mixture of many influences from Indigenous, European, African, and Asian cultures. We have a bit of everything, that’s why we are so resilient. On the other hand, the Caribbean is heavily influenced by the tourism industry so we use to meet people from all around the world..

Other Details

Headline: If you want to be cool, taste Latin American food
Slogan: Fresh and sweet as you.
Tagline: Caribbean-Latin American Cafe
Style: Classic and Tropical.
Size: Medium cafe/bar


This brand development was all created by our founder in Summer 2022.