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Employ to Empower

Can Success be Measured by Emotions?

Mar – May 2022

Employ to Empower is a non-profit organization that helps individuals in the Downtown Eastside community become entrepreneurs by providing the tools and space to learn how to develop their businesses.

ETE was having an event to showcase their entrepreneurs’ experiences and challenges in creating a business and facing work and social barriers.

The event goal was to get donations for the three entrepreneurs collaborating as speakers, so I created an event marketing plan to promote a charity event through video content with the speakers, email campaigns, social media marketing, social media ads, and SEO content for the website. I had the support of three volunteers to work on email content, video content creation, and speakers’ interviews.

Results: We raised more than $5,000 in two months of promotion across Vancouver. The results mainly came from social media ads, referral marketing using copywriting templates to send personal invitations to special contacts, and in-person advertising on partner venues.


– Graphic designs
– Brochures
– Social media content

Zaida Rosario
Marketing, UX/UI Design

I’m a Marketing Strategist and UI/UX designer with 4 years of combined experience that made me incredibly skilled in social media management, graphic and product design, brand development, and market research.

I’m based in Vancouver, Canada, and I currently, work as a self-employed. I’m also involved in the dance and fashion industry.

About Me

Latina living in Vancouver, Canada.

I show creativity to authenticity lovers who want to be relevant in an innovative market.

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