Website – Havana Vancouver

UI/UX Designer

Havana Vancouver wants to promote Cuban culture by having a Latin food menu with some events with the fusion of North American and Latin Cultures.

That’s why the brand Inventro is created.

Design Goals

To invite customers to have fun tasting and enjoying the Cuban culture in an all-day sunshine social environment.

Target Audience

Men and women 23-35 students or professionals who are Latin or want to explore Latin American culture.


A lot of women are constantly looking for learning how to dress up according to the occasion so they can feel confident and comfortable creating their own style while following certain standards and rules in fashion.


Type: Analogous with a Single Complementary
Mood: Young, charming, happy, fresh
To represent the Cuban culture and transmit joy but with some harmony for a welcoming space

User Testing Analysis

After testing the redesigned website prototype:
-Their goal was to check the menu, reserve a table, and check the events.
-This website is to be motivated to visit them.
-They felt that this place has a fresh, relaxed environment with a clean and big space.
-They learned a bit about Cuban culture as they trust that the website is related to Cuba even if they haven’t been there.
-They liked that the website is easy to understand and enjoyed how engaging the home page

Website Analysis

-The colours in the menu don’t make a good contrast with other elements in the website and make the hierarchy confuse.
-There is not CTA button to keep the Learnability.
-The header has a colour with a confusing message.
-The text doesn’t have good visibility.
-The imagery has low contrast with the rest of the content and colors.
-There is no consistency in the text style.
-The footer needs to have visible key points links in the website.

This brand development was all created by our founder in Summer 2022.